Friday, August 21, 2009

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Author BOB MITCHELL will discuss his book “MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN,” an amazing story of an 18-hole match against God, where the stakes are life or death! Mr. LEE ELDER, the first African-American golfer to play in the Masters Tournament, talks about Tiger, the Olympics and more. Plus, RANDY FRIEDMAN will give us the mental approach to making more putts!

Listen “Live” 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Pacific Time; Click the link or cut and paste to your Browser.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Am I that spoiled?

Am I that spoiled?

By Michael Donovan

Brunswick, Georgia lies on the fringe of a superb golf region. Numerous, world class golf courses dot the ocean front property from the Florida state line to South Carolina but somehow I wound up in Brunswick. Please understand that I think Brunswick is charming. The people are warm, prices are reasonable to downright-cheap but the golf is somewhere south of “Muni.” In fact, I can’t really come up with a word for it except “Spartan.”
Coastal Pines Golf Club (I swore I wouldn’t name names but…) sits inland just off highway 95 in Brunswick, Georgia. I’m not sure how the name was chosen. The course is nowhere close to “coastal but there are an abundance of pine trees, so… you decide about the name.
The “clubhouse” is a double-wide, which prompted me to ask the man behind the counter just how long the course had been open. “Guess we opened about 7:00 AM today,” he replied, glancing at his watch. Clearly I don’t speak Southern but I am gentleman enough to not make fun of people so I got my answer from some of the literature tossed about the check-in. Coastal Pines opened in 2001 and was quickly voted as “One of Georgia’s Top Golf Bargains.” Translated that means…Cheap Golf! The Greens Fee was a modest $15 with an additional $18 for a cart with GPS. Since that price is roughly $13 cheaper than a dozen of the balls I am used to playing, nothing should have surprised me from there… but it did.
I have grown accustomed to a dress code that prohibits denim. Here in Georgia, the home state of the Masters, I was shocked to follow a 4-some in which one of the players wore bib overalls and high-top boots! Guess the Back-40 and the Back-9 can run together out here? I bought two bottles of water before we teed off. It was lucky that I did. We stumbled upon the “beverage cart” on the 11th hole. Believe me; we would have perished from thirst waiting for a beverage cart to roll up. From where we stood, I guessed that the cart hadn’t moved for at least a year. The weeds were just starting to stake their claim to the chassis.

It took me until the 13th hole to find a greenside bunker, finding a rake for that bunker was far more difficult. Truth be told, the rake hadn’t be used, or even moved for quite some time. It took me awhile to pull it from the grass, which had begun to grow over it, and finally prying the rake free revealed an exact impression of the rake in the ground. The grass had actually grown AROUND the rake. I didn’t rake another bunker all day, fearing that I might somehow upset a delicate ecological balance in the process.
After a drinking fountain on #7 proved to be for looks only, we were nearly overcome with thirst, when we found the “water station” on #15. It was an Igloo cooler chained to a post. Although I was wary of the water within, I drank deeply because the Georgia sun and humidity had me well parched. I am 100% certain I will require a doctor’s visit in the very near future but, at the time, it was a lifesaver. Even warm, sort-of -yellow water is great when you’re parched.

We finished the round in less than 4 hours. Honestly, the layout wasn’t half bad. The Par-3 holes were the most difficult as well as the most interesting and the Par-5s were all healthy, 3-shot, holes. Sure, this was no Augusta National but hey, for the price it was fun.

It reminds me that it doesn’t take a beautifully manicured and maintained track to enjoy a round of golf. You still have to hit the shots and make the putts. Coastal Pines, for all that it wasn’t, was still golf at it’s roots. I saw more children with great golf swings there than I ever have at any pricey resort course or private club. The game is played the same, the rules remain the same, the etiquette doesn’t change and you still have to strike the ball to score well. I realize how spoiled I have become as a member of a private club and how lucky I have been to play the game in such great conditions. But, when you put your clubs in the trunk and linger over a cold beverage at the end of the round it’s really all the same.
It is what is different about golf that makes it great. It is what is different about a golf course that makes it fun. When I look at the scorecard now, I chuckle because, well, it’s 4 ½” X 7” printed, black on white on plain white paper. Heck, it sure isn’t fancy but it does give you plenty of room to write and all the basic information you need to play. Well, almost all the information. With no real markings on the tees you had to match the lay-of-the-land against the GPS screen to be certain of playing the correct hole.

As we drove back towards the double-wide to unload our clubs, I noticed a young man and a young girl holding hands next to the driving range. On the putting green, I saw two children who were probably no older than 8 or 9 years old, playing putting games against an older man, perhaps their grandfather. In fact, the group ahead of us all day had a teenager playing and that kid had a really sweet swing. So, at the end of the day, it has to be a “Thumbs-Up” for “Muni” golf and Coastal Pines. Without courses like these many of us would never have learned to golf. I surmise that we all have a place like Coastal Pines in our lives. Without which, we might never have developed our love affair with the greatest game ever invented, the love affair that brings back to those courses again and again and again, for as long as we play.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


Dear Golf NutS,

Look, I know that times are tough and money is really tight but sometimes we need to give until it hurts to help someone who really needs it!
I added the Mark Snodgrass Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament to my own event schedule because I know this young man personally and he NEEDS OUR HELP.

Imagine yourself, or one of your own kids, at age 9 being diagnosed with a malignant, recurrent brain tumor. Pretty devastating, huh? Now imagine you are 20 years old (almost 21) and you have gone through six (6) surgeries for the removal of the tumor since the initial diagnosis. Yet, despite this entire adversary, you are still hanging-in and even playing golf when the effects of chemotherapy allow.

As you can imagine, the road Matt has been forced to walk has been difficult and very expensive. Here's where you come in. At Dragon Ridge Country Club on May 29, 2009, the 2nd Annual Matt Snodgrass Foundation Golf Benefit will take place. It just so happens that May 29 is Matt's 21st birthday as well! MATT NEEDS YOUR HELP! THE TOURNAMENT NEEDS PLAYERS! THE TOURNAMENT NEEDS TEE SPONSORS!

Look guys and gals, it is time to step up and help. It is time to put another's need before our own and get involved. I can tell you, because I know Matt, that he'd do it for you. You can visit the Desert Duffers Home Page at and get signed up to play! You can also go to or contact Sharman Snodgrass, Matt’s mom, at or call (702)498-9303.

This is the last time I'll ask. I know you will all do the right thing! I hope to see you there on May 29, 2009 at Dragon Ridge Country Club. I know I’ll be there!

Michael Donovan - Head Nut #0001

Friday, May 1, 2009

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, today is "hump-day" and many of you probably got up on the wrong side of the bed (I know that I did.) Check out this short video and put a great big smile on your face!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Miss This!

SAVE THE DATE for this celebrity golf tournament benefiting A World Fit For Kids! It was the very best charity tournament of 2008 and will be the best of 2009! Not too soon to sign up...this WILL BE A SELL-OUT, so you might want to get a spot reserved TODAY!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


If this doesn't move you, inspire you, make you grateful for your life, then nothing will. Take a quiet moment and watch this, please.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Great Day at the Masters

What a day at the Masters! It is going to be exciting. Chad Campbell looked unbeatable, breaking Ken Venturi's record for the best start at the Masters with 5 straight bridies! I think the realization that he could set a new course record... AT AUGUSTA NATIONAL... caused his bogey, bogey finish. And what about the guts of Hunter Mahan? The double at #11 would have ended any number of rounds but he bounced back nicely.

Personally, my favorite storyline is Larry Mize. Imagine, shooting -5 in the first round of the Masters at age 50!

It was no thrill for Phil (Mickelson) with a disappointing +1 but for teenager Rory Mcllroy an even par finish had to be cool. Also Kenny Perry flew under the radar all day long and shot a boring (that's as true as it gets) 68. All canada is toasting Mike Weir for the day he had. AND, Tiger Woods proved to be human... lipping out a short birdie putt on #17 and then air-mailing the green from short yardage on 18 to make bogey and finish 2-under.

Anything can happen this week so hang on and enjoy the ride!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, Scott Masingill and his wonderful wife, Laurie (the man married up) arrived at Nut House last night. After a few hours of good stories and lots of laughter and maybe a couple of beers, Scott, Laurie, Mrs. Head Nut (Pam) and I went to Dragon Ridge for dinner. Two bottles of a really nice red wine and a terrific meal later, we trundled off to bed with full stomachs and light hearts. It really does make your face a little sore to laugh that much.

Today, Scott and I will be working hard. We will be playing a practice round on Dragon Ridge...mostly for Scott because I think everything in Payete, Idaho remains frozen until April 15th or so. Afterwards, we will be enjoying the Golf Nut of the Year Cup Pairing Party at Nut House. "Sigh"'s a tough life but somebody has to do it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


**WARNING** the ownership of the Golf Nut Society, as well as every doctor, nutritionist and mother on the planet do not endorse a morning meal consisting entirely of Red Vines washed down with a full can of Redbull**

Listen, I've read all the articles in magazines like "Golf Digest", "Golf" and "Golf Fitness," about how eating the right foods is important if you want to play your best golf. I get it. I really do get it. It makes great sense to me that a cold beer and a hotdog at the turn isn't nearly as good for your game as a bottle of water, half a turkey sandwich and an apple. I GET IT! And, as a rule, I agree with and adhere to healthy eating habits.

Yesterday daylight savings time began. You know, the day when time "springs ahead" or "falls back." Seven AM becomes eight AM. Normally organized and very "together" people screw up the whole clock changing wake up, look at the alarm, heave a sigh and... suddenly sit bolt upright in bed realizing you're an hour behind! Hey, what are you going to do? Tee times are sacred things, so you bolt out of bed, dress in a mad rush, jam to the golf course. Big nix on the pre-round warm-up and you're on the tee with no time to spare.

Three holes in to your round your stomach is growling so loud that players two holes away turn to look. You're so dry that you consider taking a drink from the ball washer. But it's your lucky day, the beverage cart pulls up on #4. Bad news, you discover there are no cookies, no candy, no soda, one crappy Powerade. You consider a beer but decide on a Red Bull (two actually) and the Cart Girl finds a package of Red Vines licorice, left over from the week the course opened. You are saved!

The kicker is that the round was terrific and I think I may have found the real "Breakfast of Champions."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Golf Nuts Radio

Mark Eisinger, Dawn Prendes and Dr. John Zulli to be featured on KLAV AM 1230 Radio "Golf Nuts" Show with “The Head Nut”…Michael Donovan and the “G-Man” Ron Gerrard.
Friday, March 6, 2009 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Great news, Michael Donovan, Head Nut of "Golf Nuts" and "Desert Duffers" will interview Mark Eisinger and Dawn Prendes on his next "Golf Nuts" radio show, Friday, March 6th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. The Golf Nuts radio show airs on KLAV AM 1230.

Mark Eisinger will talk about Civitan International, local Southern Nevada Civitan Clubs and the all new Civitan Club On The Greens now forming as the first Civitan service golf club in Southern Nevada. ( and

Dawn Prendes will discuss the 3rd Annual Henry Prendes Charity Golf Classic scheduled for March 27th. (

Dr. John Zulli, the “Head” Coach, will discuss avoiding the dreaded “wheels coming off” during your Round using; Attention…Imagination…Communication.

Please listen on 1230 AM radio or online at

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Sore Subject...

Well now… It seems that I struck a nerve or two with my comments about “The Haney Project” on The Golf Channel. So, in fairness, I watched it again this morning. The Golf Channel makes it easy to do that since their content repeats within 12 hours or less and often back-to-back. Case in point; “Golf Central” is a half-hour show that runs 3 consecutive times most mornings.

In my second viewing of episode #1, I did realize that I had been a little hard on Charles Barkley. The truth is that he doesn’t actually speak “painfully slow.” Barkley just speaks with a unique pattern that makes him seem slow (no pun intended.) Otherwise, there was little else I would change about yesterday’s blog.

I do feel compelled to explain the undercurrent of disdain for The Golf Channel that must have been evident in my musing. I’ve been a viewer, if not a fan, since the network began in 1995. Lately the content is extremely unappealing (with a few bright spots.) The decision making on programming, content concepts, talent has been pretty lame. Sure, the live (and not so live…see repeated every 12 hours or less) and expanded broadcasts of the PGA Tour have increased and that’s nice…nice but not nearly enough.

Here are just a few of my personal “beefs” with The Golf Channel:

The 50th Anniversary Bob Hope Chrysler Classic hosted by Arnold Palmer was wire-to-wire coverage by The Golf Channel. There were monster possibilities for some amazing stories and great content. The coverage was OK but the entire week ended with a resounding “THUD.” Shortly after Pat Perez drained his eagle putt on the 72nd hole (oh yeah…an eagle, when a par would win the tournament… that boy’s got big stones) and raised his arms in his first victory, The Golf Channel cut away to Kelly “…hang him in an alley” Tillghman and about 5 minutes of meaningless banter. OK, no problem, the network needs to fill time so the Player can take care of business at the scorer’s trailer as arrangements are made for Mr. Palmer to present the winner’s trophy. Surely, after the commercial break, viewers would be taken back to the Hope to watch the King present the trophy. Nope! The Golf Channel went directly to coverage of the Champions Tour. Come on, would it have been a problem for anyone if we missed seeing Jeff Sluman making a routine par on an easy par-4? Sluman…Palmer, Sluman…Palmer, amazing, and Rodney Dangerfield believed that HE got no respect!

Can you see why I may be a bit Harsh?

Then we have the “talent” on The Golf Channel. A quick recap; Rich Lerner is so incredibly full of himself that he leaves little room for anyone else on the small screen. Kelly Tilghman READS WELL but the last original thought she conceived was so awful that it almost got her fired! Frank Nobilo somehow just makes it hard to like him and I really don’t know why. The talent isn’t ALL bad, Stephanie Parks HAS GAME and, when allowed to be spontaneous she is stellar. Oh, wait a minute; is she even on The Golf Channel anymore? Brandel Chamblee is by far the most entertaining, insightful, informative and easily understood of the bunch. There are some other bright spots as well but mostly the “talent” is pretty vanilla.

Not an inspiring bunch overall. But here’s where my shorts knot up…the “entertainment” programming.

In the interest of time, mine and yours, I’m only going to talk about the worst show EVER… it is called “The Approach.” In this ridiculous program PGA Tour journeyman, Andrew Magee and some guy named Alex Miceli, argue various golf questions. The answers to these questions are either “solid” or “Shank”… how very cute, huh? The host is Kraig Kann, and the “match” is decided by whomever good old Kraig agrees with on the subject. That’s right, this dude Kraig Kann, who has hosted almost every show aired on The Golf Channel since 1995, decides who answers correctly. Why does HE get to decide? What’s his handicap anyway? Why not let golfers decide? Maybe an “expert panel” that has been pre-surveyed could determine who is right? You know, like “Family Feud” except about golf! “And the survey says…” Honestly, I’d rather swing by my local muni and get into a debate with a bartender, an Assistant Pro and a 16-Handicap dentist!!!

There you have it, my explanation. Thanks for all the calls, e-mails and instant-messages, they were way more entertaining than “The Haney Project.” Please…keep ‘em coming!

Head Nut #0001

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not A Rave Review


I tried to look away. Watching was painful but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It seemed impossible. Nothing could be worse than the disaster on the screen. It scared me. It shocked me. It nearly made me physically ill.

Honestly, The Golf Channel has, once again, over-hyped a mediocre show. "The Hank Haney Project" premiered last night after weeks of lead-in, hype and window dressing. Candidly, I was not surprised to be disappointed. For those of you who long ago gave up on The Golf Channel, the "project" in this new SIX MONTH LONG series is the horrific golf swing of retired NBA Superstar Charles Barkley. The premise is to take one of the best and currently one of the most famous, swing instructors, Hank Haney, and have him "fix" the most broken swing in golf, Sir Charles.

Before I pass judgment on the entire series I feel the need to be fair... last night was the first episode, so I guess I could allow a mulligan. The trouble I'm having is that the first show is just as exciting, innovative and compelling as a manual typewriter. How many times can one watch Charles Barkley make the same three or four swings, which were the examples of the "before" level of Barkley's game? The answer isn't clear to me because I'm still counting the number of times the Golf Channel has used those same swings...over and over and over and over. Making matters worse, the show "Golf's Amazing Videos" uses one of the same clips, please...shoot something NEW! Barkley, as the subject, doesn't really inspire one to keep watching. He speaks painfully slow and often comments from three-point range when he should be slam dunking. I really wish the producers gave we viewers a reason to root for the underdog but they didn't. Maybe Charles Barkley just doesn't inspire us to hope, or even care, if he fixes his swing.

Admittedly, Hank Haney had some interesting moments... there were just too few of them. Most of the time viewers got to watch Haney roll his eyes, furrow his brow or laugh out loud. I could only guess that Haney's contract was specific that he would be the "straight-man" to Barkley. It is a given that Haney knows his stuff. He coaches the #1 Golfer on the planet. So, let him show the world how he does it! More Haney and less Charles would be pleasant. Perhaps the next shows will improve?

I intend to try to watch next week's episode. The badness of the show isn't Haney's fault. The badness of the show certainly isn't Barkley's fault. Anyone who would endure his painfully awful swing for as long as he has must be mentally strong. Allowing the entire world to watch the game of golf bring Barkley to his knees and then be "saved" by Haney might have seemed like heady stuff in the boardroom. The first episode only left me sitting in the "bored" room.

Mulligan granted... reluctantly.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've had a bad day...


Since I returned from the Golf Channel "Duel In The Desert," which was actually over a week ago, I've been really negligent about posting to my blog and updating I'm going to blame the cold, wet, miserable weather here in Vegas for being such a "slug." The worst part is that I've got so much to tell you all about.

The last part of my blog was about the 50th Anniversary of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic! Since then, I've journeyed to Florida and visited the Villages, a HUGE retirement Community North of Orlando. I attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, where I found the good...the bad...and the UGLY of what's new in golf for 2009. Then I jammed to Sarasota, Florida and played in the Jim McMahon Swang N Super Bowl Bash! This was a particularly inspiring experience, not to mention tons of fun!

Even since my return from Mesquite, Nevada and the "Duel," I've had some incredible experiences that I really want to tell you. Call me lazy, unmotivated or it could be the dang flu (which I brought home with me from Mesquite and managed to spread around my entire family) whatever it is...I'm ok now and over the next few days I will bring you up-to-speed on everything...including announcing The 2008 Golf Nut of the Year and the details for the 2008 Golf Nut of the Year Cup!

Right now, however, I'm wrapping up in a warm blanket by the fire and I'm going to read awhile!

Until Tomorrow...

The Head Nut #0001

Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the Head Nut!

To Those Souls Afflicted by Golf...

An introduction before I begin; I am The Head Nut #0001 of the Golf Nut Society. The Golf Nuts are a worldwide social community sharing one main thing in common...they are ALL Nuts about GOLF!
As The Head Nut, my mission is to span the globe in search of that which my brethren need to get their golf-fix. Be that stories, photos, incredible deals on golf paraphernalia,tournaments, great golf courses, cheap golf courses, unusual & bizarre acts
of golf craziness, golfing celebs both famous and infamous, plus some of the best (if not the most unusual) golf information on the planet. Our home is at and some of our stuff, like the Head Nut's Blog, are open to the public.
Now, let me just tickle your golf funny-bone with the most ridiculous pie
ce of golf equipment that I have ever laid eyes on...and I've seen a bunch!
Check this out............................>>>>>>

It is called the TEE-UP. It is a device attached to the grip end of the golf club to allow golfers to retrieve their 2-cent tee without the awful act of having to bend over.
Candidly, if a golfer is too lazy, too fat, or has a back too bad to bend and pick up a tee (weighing in at less that an ounce) perhaps golf isn't the game for them. What will they think of next?
Keep it in the short grass, fairways and greens, and remember; we're ALL Nu
ts about golf!

The Head Nut #0001