Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the Head Nut!

To Those Souls Afflicted by Golf...

An introduction before I begin; I am The Head Nut #0001 of the Golf Nut Society. The Golf Nuts are a worldwide social community sharing one main thing in common...they are ALL Nuts about GOLF!
As The Head Nut, my mission is to span the globe in search of that which my brethren need to get their golf-fix. Be that stories, photos, incredible deals on golf paraphernalia,tournaments, great golf courses, cheap golf courses, unusual & bizarre acts
of golf craziness, golfing celebs both famous and infamous, plus some of the best (if not the most unusual) golf information on the planet. Our home is at and some of our stuff, like the Head Nut's Blog, are open to the public.
Now, let me just tickle your golf funny-bone with the most ridiculous pie
ce of golf equipment that I have ever laid eyes on...and I've seen a bunch!
Check this out............................>>>>>>

It is called the TEE-UP. It is a device attached to the grip end of the golf club to allow golfers to retrieve their 2-cent tee without the awful act of having to bend over.
Candidly, if a golfer is too lazy, too fat, or has a back too bad to bend and pick up a tee (weighing in at less that an ounce) perhaps golf isn't the game for them. What will they think of next?
Keep it in the short grass, fairways and greens, and remember; we're ALL Nu
ts about golf!

The Head Nut #0001

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