Tuesday, March 10, 2009


**WARNING** the ownership of the Golf Nut Society, as well as every doctor, nutritionist and mother on the planet do not endorse a morning meal consisting entirely of Red Vines washed down with a full can of Redbull**

Listen, I've read all the articles in magazines like "Golf Digest", "Golf" and "Golf Fitness," about how eating the right foods is important if you want to play your best golf. I get it. I really do get it. It makes great sense to me that a cold beer and a hotdog at the turn isn't nearly as good for your game as a bottle of water, half a turkey sandwich and an apple. I GET IT! And, as a rule, I agree with and adhere to healthy eating habits.

Yesterday daylight savings time began. You know, the day when time "springs ahead" or "falls back." Seven AM becomes eight AM. Normally organized and very "together" people screw up the whole clock changing ordeal...BAM...you wake up, look at the alarm, heave a sigh and... suddenly sit bolt upright in bed realizing you're an hour behind! Hey, what are you going to do? Tee times are sacred things, so you bolt out of bed, dress in a mad rush, jam to the golf course. Big nix on the pre-round warm-up and you're on the tee with no time to spare.

Three holes in to your round your stomach is growling so loud that players two holes away turn to look. You're so dry that you consider taking a drink from the ball washer. But it's your lucky day, the beverage cart pulls up on #4. Bad news, you discover there are no cookies, no candy, no soda, one crappy Powerade. You consider a beer but decide on a Red Bull (two actually) and the Cart Girl finds a package of Red Vines licorice, left over from the week the course opened. You are saved!

The kicker is that the round was terrific and I think I may have found the real "Breakfast of Champions."

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